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The Toyota Corolla 5p is a passenger car that measures 4.37 meters in length and competes with models such as the Kia Ceed , the Ford Focus , the Opel Astra and the Volkswagen Golf . The range consists of two hybrid versions: 125H and 180H, with 122 and 179 horses respectively, of which we give their technical details in this section . In this text we discuss the five-door body variant (Corolla 5p). From the family body variant (Corolla Touring Sports) we give more information here and the four-door (Corolla Sedan) in this other article . The most affordable version, the Corolla 5p 125H, costs 20,850 euros ( all prices ). At the moment, there are only two non-plug-in hybrid vehicles with similar characteristics: Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid (141 hp) and Lexus CT 200h  (136 hp). Both have a higher starting price (23,375 and 24,900 euros, comparative tab ). The interior transmits a good impression of quality. The space intended for passengers is normal in the front row and mediocre in the rear, mainly because access is complicated and the legroom is small ( interior measurements ). The volume of the boot depends on the version (361 liters in the 125H and 313 in the 180H) and in any case does not stand out by size with respect to the majority of its alternatives. More information on the interior prints .

The available equipment levels receive the following names: Active, Active Tech, Business Plus, Feel !, Advance and Advance Luxury. In  this comparative tab  you can consult in detail the differences between the first four and in  this other , between the last two. he headlights are halogen or LED according to the level of equipment. Of the LEDs there are two models, the basic ones and the advanced ones, called respectively BiLED and MultiLED. The main difference is that the MultiLED have a long-range beam adaptation system, that is, they have a selective ignition to avoid dazzling other road users. Among the driving assistance systems that can have are the automatic emergency braking (detects vehicles and pedestrians day and night, also recognizes cyclists, but only by day), the active speed programmer (with ability to stop the car in case the vehicle in front stops), the alert for involuntary lane change (which can intervene on the direction to correct the trajectory), the alert for the presence of vehicles in the blind spot of the rear-view mirrors and the recognition system of road signs . In other countries, not in Spain at the moment, you can have a system for projecting information on the windshield (best car cover).

Other possible equipment elements are a surface for wireless recharging compatible mobile phones, a panoramic roof composed of two glass panels (the front can be opened and moves back up to 272 mm) and a semiautomatic online parking system and in battery. The Corolla can have an automatic emergency call system eCall. This sends to a help center the position of the vehicle and the number of occupants, who can communicate with an operator. This call is made in case the airbags are activated due to an accident, although it can also be done by the occupants by pressing a button on the roof. It works through a SIM card integrated in the car. There are eleven colors for the body and with four of them - Pearl White, Polar Silver, Olive Bronze and Red Emotion - it is possible to ask that the roof and the pillars be painted in black he Corolla 2019 replaces the Auris 2015. In our market, the Corolla denomination disappeared when the Auris arrived in 2007 ( all the information of the Toyota Auris ), although in other countries the term Corolla continued to be used. Toyota made the decision to recover the Corolla denomination after having initially announced, in March 2018, a new generation of Auris. This change of name is made globally -not only for the European market- and affects the three bodies. The first generation of the Toyota Corolla appeared in 1966, although it did not arrive in mainland Spain until the 90s (the Canary Islands arrived much earlier, in the 70s). The current generation is the number twelve ( all the information published in km77 about the Toyota Corolla ). In 1997, the Toyota Corolla became the best-selling model in the world.


The feeling of quality is good and the lace of the different pieces seems solid. Most of the materials that are within reach of the hand have a certain softness and a pleasant touch. Perhaps, the part that gives the worst impression of quality is the front center armrest, which feels somewhat flimsy when it rises to access the hole below. There are few holes to leave objects in the center console and those that are small. In front of the change there is a surface prepared for wireless charging of mobile phones. It has little depth and, although the bottom is rubber, the mobile deposited in it can be fired in the most abrupt turns. Behind the change, there are two circular holders, in which can fit 330 milliliter bottles, which is the usual volume of soft drink cans. The largest space is the one mentioned in the previous paragraph, the one under the central armrest. In it you can put a wallet, a mobile phone and some keys, but little else. In this hole there is a 12 volt power outlet and, depending on the level of equipment, a USB type. The feeling of quality is good and the lace of the different pieces seems solid.).

The Sport front seats that come standard with Advance and Advance Luxury ( image ) give greater support to the body in the curves than the other levels of equipment. However, in the presentation to the press, which is when we tried both, the latter seemed more comfortable because they have a longer and wider bench (one and two centimeters respectively), so you feel less pressure on the thighs, if well at the cost of losing support in the corners, although not in a worrying way. In addition, the padding is a bit softer and more comfortable in normal seats than in Sport. Access to the second row is uncomfortable because the rear doors open at a small angle, leave little free space and you have to bend your head to avoid hitting the body. Inside, The free height to the ceiling does not allow for a person of 1.85 meters tall to sit upright, but the same situation occurs in the rear row of Focus, Mégane and 308. In the Ceed, the Astra and, above everything in the Golf, the space in height is better. The trunk volume is 361 liters in the 125H version ( image ) and 313 liters in the 180H ( image ). In the 180H is lower because the 12-volt battery is located under the floor and this can not be placed in a lower position, as in the 125H. Placing the floor in that lower position, you gain 17 centimeters in height ( image ). In both cases, the rear seats can be folded down (they are divided into two parts, 60/40) and the rear of these is flush with the boot surface if the floor is placed in the upper position (the only possible in the 180H) . If in the 125H the floor is located below, there is a step of 17 cm.


The Toyota Corolla has a smoother roll than the Auris because the irregularities of the asphalt arrive better filtered to the interior, they are less noticeable. I thought it was a very nice car in this respect, although I do not dare to say if it is up to Volkswagen Golf (one of the models that Toyota has used as a reference in the development of the Corolla) because we would need to test both models under the same circumstances. The suspension is comfortable, softens the bumps with a noise that conveys a feeling of quality and there are hardly any differences in comfort between the tires with rims of 17 and 18 inches (measures 225/45 and 225/40 respectively, in both cases Falken Ziex ZE914B Ecorun ). In Spain, at least for the moment, suspension with variable hardness dampers is not available. he operation of the hybrid system ( technical information ) has the same peculiarities of operation as in the other hybrid models of Toyota and Lexus, with its advantages (efficiency, smoothness and low noise at low speed) and inconveniences (at medium-strong accelerations, the gasoline engine goes up a lot of revolutions and the interior becomes noisy). The noise problem is less annoying in the Corolla 180H unit than I have tested it in the Corolla 125H unit.

In front of the gear lever there is a switch marked with the words "DRIVE MODE" on the left). This allows you to switch between the three available driving modes: Sport, Normal and Eco (with the variable hardness suspension, which I have not had occasion to try, are Sport S +, Sport S, Normal, Comfort, Eco and Individual). The differences between the three modes are negligible.. The consumption data that I have obtained with each unit (5.2 l / 100 km with the 125H and 6.8 l / 100 km with the 180H) are not comparable because the circulation conditions with each of them were different. When we can test them more closely in Madrid we will give more useful information. The direction moves with little effort in stopped and it is not noticed excessively assisted in movement. It is satisfactory in a normal use of the car, although the return of information it gives is only correct and, again, there are models in which it is easier to know how they are grabbing the tires when they are reaching their limit. The brake pedal has a touch to which you have to get used (it costs little) to make slow braking, because during the first few centimeters of travel the pedal opposes little resistance


Hybrid system

The hybrid system of both versions is composed of the same components - a gasoline engine, a generator, an electric motor (which can also work as a generator) and a battery - although with different characteristics. The planetary gear as a transmission element is also common . The Toyota Corolla 125H has the same hybrid system of the front-drive Prius 2019 , whose maximum total power is 122 horses. The gasoline engine (code 2ZR-FXE) is Atkinson cycle , has four cylinders, 1798 cubic centimeters of displacement, direct injection and a compression ratio of 13.0 to 1. It produces 98 hp at 5200 rpm and 142 Nm at 3600 rpm. The electric motor produces a maximum power of 72 HP and a maximum torque of 163 Nm.

Body and frame

The Toyota Corolla 2019 is built on the GA-C platform , which is a derivation of the TNGA. The length and wheelbase ( battle ) changes according to the body. The Corolla 5p measures 4.37 meters and has a battle of 2.64 m; the Touring Sports measures 4.65 m and its battle is 2.70 m; The Sedan measures 4.63 m in length and has the same battle as Touring Sports. The width and height are identical in the three cases: 1.79 and 1.44 meters respectively. The free height to the floor of the body also, 13.5 centimeters.